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What is meant by psychic and psychic readings?
Well a psychic or clairvoyant is someone that has the ability to use extra sensory perception to identify information that is otherwise hidden from the normal senses.
It is important not to confuse psychics with mediums.
A medium is someone that can contact the dead, whereas a psychic is someone that has the ESP abilities which can also be known as a sixth sense.
Psychic Readings
A psychic reading or consultation is given by a clairvoyant.
The clairvoyant aims to intuitively deduce information about the individual receiving the reading using their clairvoyance and mind to mind communication.
This information can be both information that the individual already has stored in the mind and also information regarding the situation they may be in.
The most common use for people receiving a psychic reading is to try to deduce information as to what will happen in their future.
Psychic Reading
A psychic that has the ability to do this is known to have a gift called precognition.
The psychic is able to access something that is known as the individual’s auric field, which means the energy or force of life that surrounds the individual.
Psychic readings should always be taken as guidance rather than fact.

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Types of Psychic Readings

There are several different types of readings that can be given and received by an individual and we will cover a few of these.


First up, we will begin by discussing one of the more renowned types of reading which is astrology. Many people are aware of astrology as it is widely covered by various magazines, newspapers and online. However many people do not know that this is a type of psychic reading. An astrologer can predict the trends that are taking place in an individual’s life by using a chart that has been drawn up using the individuals time and place of birth to discover the energies and traits they were born with. They compare where the planets and heavens are currently positioned compared to where they were positioned when the individual was born.


Again, clairvoyance or a clairvoyant is almost a household name that many people have heard of or may have an understanding of. Clairvoyant basically means to see clearly or clear seeing. Psychics with these abilities are able to see imagery or visions in relation to the individual’s circumstances or situation. A clairvoyant can see all of the past, present and future. The term clairvoyant is somewhat synonymous with the word psychic as this is what many people believe a psychic is, unknowing that there are many more types of psychic.

Crystal Ball Reading

Again another misconception that all psychics have a magic crystal ball from old films or cartoons. Only certain psychics have the ability to use crystal balls. Hollywood made crystal ball readings somewhat famous and almost ridiculed this type of reading however it does exist and it is a real form a psychic reading. It is a similar reading to clairvoyance, as a crystal ball reader will be able to see imagery or visions relating to the individual receiving the reading through their crystal ball. This becomes psychometric as it involves the usage of another object. It is mostly used as the Hollywood interpretation as it is easy to portray the message of a reader using the crystal ball prop.


A telepathic reading is another type of reading that is based on the transmission of thought patterns. A telepathist can receive messages from thought patterns of the individual receiving the reading. There are a few different types of telepathic readings which involve slightly different skills or different understandings of the messages received. Some of these are latent, precognitive and emotive. The similarity between these is that the reader receives the information through the patterns in thoughts. A telepath is able to reveal the thoughts of an individual, past present and future thoughts.

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading and tarot cards are another form of reading. Numerous tarot decks exist, which consist of a collection of 78 different cards that are used to gain an insight into an individual’s life. A tarotist uses the cards during a reading with an individual and spreads them to assign different and particular lenses that the reader uses to interpret the card for the individual receiving the reading. Tarot card readings became famous in the 1960s through author Eden Gray and his literature. Again in modern day it is become more popular and more frequent to see tarot card readers.

Aura Reading

Aura readings are based on an outer organ known to psychics as the skin, which acts as a shield so that inner organs cannot be damaged. Clairvoyants see this as a physical shield. Energy that radiates from this shield is known as an auric field or an aura. This protects the physical body from spiritual damage. An aura specialised psychic can gain information by tapping into the energy field given from this shield. This field of energy contains all of your memories, symbolic imagery and energy of others. Aura readings allow the individual receiving the reading to be able to get back into touch with their own energies and help to release any blocks that may be preventing spiritual growth.


Psychometrics is a skill similar to that of a clairvoyant and the crystal ball psychics. A psychometric psychic uses an item or object that belongs to the individual receiving the reading or an individual that they seek information about, in order to tap into their unique vibrations. In some cases this type of psychic reading may also use an object of their own to receive and control information. This type of astrologist is often used when families wish to seek information regarding family members that may have died in order to find any information about the life of that person prior to leaving the world.

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